Free Write- Surgery

It was a cold day when I was at the ear doctor with my mom. A tall building I looked up to as I closed the car door. I was so nervous because every time I go here something hurts and they almost never help me fix it. This doctors office  was a typical doctors office. It smelt like hand sanitizers and chemicals. My mind wandered off into a weird place as I walked into the elevator. I pressed the button and saw it light up. We got to the floor and I went straight for the toys. I was 7 and left me alone. As I played with the toys touched so many times by other people my mom went to the front desk and told them I’m here. Right as I sit down they call me in. I rushed to my mom and we walked in together. We got to the room and the doctor started talking about things I couldn’t understand. In the end he brought out a diagram of my ear apparently. Then he started explaining a procedure that had to be done. 

“What procedure?” I said out loud when I didn’t mean to say anything. I got embarrassed as the doctor and my mom looked at me like i was stupid or like I wasn’t paying attention. Of course I wasn’t paying attention. 

“Lauren, you need ear surgery so we can help your ear because there is a rip in your ear drum. You know how you kept getting ear infections? That’s why. This surgery can help, and we will replace your eardrum.” Dr. Perl explained as he pointed to the diagram and explained more about what they would do. He gives me a coin to go get a toy from the toy vending  machine that was down the hall. My mom told me to give them a minute so I went. 

“I wonder what they were talking about.” I thought to myself. At the moment I was focusing on how I’m getting surgery on my ear. I hate blood, gore and all that so I was nervous when in my imagination I was imagining that they were going to cut me open. Now, in the future I now know that they were taking about how it is a risk to not do the surgery. I could lose full deafness in my right ear. They also talked about how long recovery would be.  And how hard it would be. In the end, it wasn’t that bad, they were being a little dramatic.

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3 thoughts on “Free Write- Surgery

  1. Hi Lauren,
    I really liked this free write, you did a really good job! Your paragraphs had so much detail I could imagine being there with you. One thing I really enjoyed was at the end when you were portraying your emotions in a realistic way and saying writing out your thought process. Again excellent job!

  2. Hi Lauren-
    I really enjoyed reading your free write. I thought that you did a great job using writing tip #1. You kept me interested and wanting to read more! I also liked how you included dialogue. It explained some questions that I had and other readers probably had. Great job!

  3. Hey Lauren,

    I really liked your free write a lot you described your story really well. This free write pulled me in as a reader. Really Good!!

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