Free Write: Colter O

Last night we lost power. Our generator isn’t the best so only two rooms in the house have power, and lucky for me it’s my room and my bathroom. Even though the power was out, I still had a fun time socializing with my family. Earlier that day, my Dad and I had got some baseball cards and a box of the cards. I haven’t really been into baseball cards since recently, when my Dad wanted to open packs with me. I thought it was going to be really boring, but it was fun seeing who you get in each pack. I asked him if we could finally open the packs because before he had google meets for work he had to attend, but now that the power was out he couldn’t do his calls so I said, “ Dad can we open the packs and box of baseball cards now?” he said yes, which I was thrilled to hear. We opened the packs together in the TV room which was lit by a single candle. Once we finished we actually got really good stuff and ended up getting all of our money’s worth. I packed a Pete Alonso, which is a card that is worth one hundred dollars, and my Dad got the signatures of two rookie pitchers. Rookie signatures are always good, because that rookie could end up doing really well and then the price of that card has gone way up. After that we all read as a family, so I got my thirty minutes of reading there which was very good. And that pretty much sums up what I did while the power was out yesterday.     

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