Transgender men should not be allowed to play in women’s sports

In the past year, women all around the world have been losing their competitive sports to transgender men. These men who chose to play in women’s sports are taking advantage of an unfair biological advantage that gives them more strength, stamina, and bone density.

In one instance back in 2014, transgender MMA fighter, Fallon Fox fractured her opponent’s skull in a fight. Fox was challenging women’s MMA opponent Tamikka Brents. Brents went on to report to Whoa Tv saying, “I’ve fought a lot of women and have never felt the strength that I felt in a fight as I did that night.” This is a prime example of the difference between men and women physically. This woman has been fighting her whole life and has never felt this amount of strength from a woman proving my point that men are stronger than women.

A Rasmussen Reports online survey. Surveyed That 51% of Americans do not permit transgender men to play in women’s sports while 29% of them do and another 20% don’t know. Do you want to know why 51% percent of Americans don’t want this to happen? According to (, it’s because “men have an average of 26 lbs more skeletal muscle mass than women, women also exhibited 33%  less low body strength, and 40% less upper body strength than men.” Further showing that women are not as strong as men and that’s why the two different leagues were created in the first place.

Transgender social media groups are condemning speaking out against this issue as Transphobic making it harder for people to speak out about this prominent issue.

Some may argue that there are medicines that can suppress testosterone levels among men. 

But the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) does not have regulations to suppress testosterone levels amongst transgender men nor is it possible for the effects of the medicine to overpower the effects of testosterone according to (

Well, how do we fix this issue you may ask? Well for starters we can speak out to the president who is releasing an executive order to allow this change according to Or we could convince the supreme court to veto this decision because as presented before it’s just not a good idea.

In conclusion, we need to speak out about this issue before it is too late and women’s sports are taken over by men.


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3 thoughts on “Transgender men should not be allowed to play in women’s sports

  1. Dear Graham,
    I respectfully disagree with this. First off, you titled your editorial “transgender men shouldn’t be allowed to play in women’s sports.” This is false because after person transitions to become the opposite gender they are no longer and don’t identify by the gender they previously were. Second off, transgender men and women should still have the same amount of opportunities regardless or not if they’ve transitioned. Not to mention, Micheal Phelps naturally has larger lungs and limbs, yet he is still allowed to compete and is one of the most awarded swimmers. Should he not be able to compete because he has a natural advantage?
    Sincerly, Alex

    1. I thank you for the response Alex, if you looked you would see I re uploaded the article with the proper title using the word “woman.” Secondly sure michael Phelps has larger lungs but so do other men that play in his league. The problem with the women is that their body’s don’t have the ability to grow to the size of Michael Phelps. Men have the ability to grow that size but women don’t and that’s why I disagree with your claim.

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