Colin’s Trimester 2 Reading Reflection

This trimester I read 11 books. The most challenging book I read was Unbroken, because it was a long book, and  had lots and lots to take in. However, it was my favorite book too. It had no dull moments at all, and the real pictures and vivid descriptions sometimes mad think I was right there in WWII. My favorite author right now is Alexander Gordon Smith. I really liked his Escape from Furnace series, and he has another series I intend on reading as well. My favorite genre right now is science fiction, because I like all the action that usually is involved with this genre. The futuristic technologies interest me too. I never get tired of a book if its sci-fi. I completed most of my trimester reading goal. I read ore books than I planned, but read one less informational book than I intended. I also read Unbroken, which I wanted to read when the trimester started. My goal for the last trimester is the finish the 30 book challenge, read all the required categories, and get full points on all of my letter essays. That way I will finish the year with a very high ILA grade.


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