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I did not reach my reading goal this trimester (trimester 2). I wanted to finish the poetry category, but I didn’t. i also planned to read 14 books but I only read 3 books (on of my letter essays was a trimester 1 group). I could have read more if I had picked up more books. I am currently reading  a book. None of the books I read really challenged me the book I am reading now is challenging because it is long. My favorite book this trimester ( trimester 2) was lemony snicket would you be in school. It was a fun read that answered questions. about the series. My favorite author maybe lemony snicket because of the lemony series but I am reading a new Carrel Hissen book that will be fun because his books are always fun reads. I like mystery books because I like when the secrets are revealed but I also like nonfiction books because I want to learn the past of the U.S. and the world. I did not read any poetry books this trimester so no progress there but I read 3/14 for my other goal. My 3rd trimester goal is to again finish the poetry section and to finish the 30 book challenge. I will have to try to read ⅓ of a book every week. For my letter essays respones I will try to make them more detailed about the book.




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  1. I have read the Lemony Snicket books and I love them, they are so mysterious you never know what is going to happen, well except for when Count Olaf comes in.

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