Michael Cruz’s Letter essay #7, The Crossover

I just finished reading, “The Crossover.” By Kwame Alexander. I chose to read this book because when I went to the media center to get a book they recommended this book and that convinced me enough so i started reading it. This book is written in the style of a poem but still has a story to it, Josh bell AKA Filthy Mcnasty and his twin Jordan Bell (JB) are both basketball stars in their school. Mostly because of their Dad who was a Italian League Pro before he got a knee injury. Josh and Jordans Life’s were going really well, Their Team had a win streak and they both had great grades, but then it goes downhill when jordan cuts off Josh’s signature locks, and when jordan starts dating the new girl and doesn’t have time for Josh any more. I liked how the author would write the text in different sizes and in different directions to make the poem more dramatic. If I where the author I would have changed the ending because it left me with questions that would never be answered, so it’s sort of a cliff hanger ending in my opinion. In this passage Josh is sitting alone at lunch waiting for Jordan to come sit with him and this is what happens when he finish shows up,


“Boy walks into a room

With a girl.

They come over.

He says , Hey, Filthy McNasty

Like he’s said forever,

But it sounds different

This time,

And when he snickers,

She does too,

Like it’s some inside joke,

And my nickname,

Some dirty


Line.” (Page, 112.)


I quoted this passage because this poem is pretty much the start of everything going down hill for Josh. I would rate this book a 9 out of 10 because even though I don’t really have any interest in basketball I still enjoyed the book.


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