Bio-Poem: Ben M.


Spontaneous, supporting, outgoing, trusting

Son of Michael and Dina, brother of Olivia and Maddie

Lover of dogs, summer, and Harambe

Who feels thankful for weekends, my family, and my friends

Who finds happiness in sports, summer break, and Bantu banter

Who needs food, water, and oxygen

Who gives support, advice, and friendship

Who fears school, death, and kazoos

Who would like to see Rio de Janeiro, Mount Everest, and The Great Barrier Reef

Who enjoys baseball, football, and doing triple backflips

Who likes to wear shirts, pants, and shoes

Born in Norwalk, resident of Easton


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3 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Ben M.

  1. Ben,

    I really like how in your description of your self you said spontaneous and then showed how spontaneous you really are by adding Harambe and Bantu banter. I also never knew you could do triple back flips before I hope one day I could see one and thank you for telling me your afraid of kazoos so I know i should never play my kazoo around you.


  2. Benjamin,
    I thoroughly liked your piece. I very much liked like the line about how you find happiness in Bantu banter. I also can connect with that happiness. Another line I liked was, when you said you would like to see Mount Everest. It’s a good line because you can work on it and make that line stronger as a writer. You can tell us when you would like to do it, why and with who. If you end up describing it more, this line will be fantastic.
    John Loo

  3. Ben,

    I really enjoyed reading your poem, especially your line describing your needs, I feel like everyone including myself. Also your line about fears was very interesting, especially the kazoos (I thought geese were bad). When you were describing all the different places you would like to see, make it even stronger by describing why you want to go and maybe where specifically and who you want to go with. Besides going into detail on that one line the rest was very interesting (especially hearing you can do three back flips).


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