Bio-Poem: Amelia W.


Motivated, outgoing, persevering, passionate

Daughter of Stephanie and Jay, sister of Gabrielle (15)

Lover of dance, listening to music, and spending hours on YouTube

Who feels thankful for life everyday, food on the table, and amazing friends

Who finds happiness dancing in the studio, singing in choir, and spending time with friends and family

Who needs weekends, tropical vacations, and the internet

Who gives time and effort in school, compliments to friends, and homemade omelets to family

Who fears snakes, sometimes heights, and sometimes free falling

Who would like to see Adele in concert, London, and Arizona (again because I have already been there twice)

Who enjoys soft serve ice cream, going to amusement parks, and scary movies/haunted houses

Who likes to wear a shiny, metal necklace with a whale on it, ruffles all the time, and hair bows occasionally

Born in Bridgeport, resident of Easton


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2 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Amelia W.

  1. Amelia,
    I enjoyed reading your bio-poem!! I like the part when you said that you like scary movies and haunted houses because I enjoy those things too. I also liked how you added links to certain parts of you writing such as YouTube and Adele. I think it helped me understand what you like and why you like them because there was interesting information on those two websites. I think that the only thing you could have done better was that you should have said why you want to see Adele in concert. For example, do you like her songs?, is she your idol?, is she your favorite singer? Otherwise, I thought you were descriptive and had tons of information.


  2. Amelia,
    I really like you poem. I like how you described your whale necklace really well. I also like how you said a lot about your friends and family. I like how you have a link to the Adele website. One thing I would improve is maybe go into what you like to watch on Youtube. What genre? What channel? Try getting more descript.


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