Bio Poem: Derek


Outgoing, Humorous, Adventurous, Interesting

Son of Brian and Shari, Brother of Danny and Drew

lover of Sports, dogs, and food

Who feels thankful for Thanksgiving, family, and life

Who finds happiness in orange juice, watching Sunday night football, and summer

Who needs sleep, help, and my phone

Who gives humor, support, and caringness

Who fears Monday’s, school, and death

Who would like to see the rest of the world, the Chicago Bears win a superbowl, and the inside of a plane

Who enjoys hanging out with friends, football, and baseball

Who likes to wear weird shirts, long socks, and cleats

Born in Bridgeport, Resident of Easton


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4 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Derek

  1. Derek,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your piece and thank you for sharing it. I really liked the line,”Who finds happiness in orange juice, Sunday Night Football, and summer.” I felt a connection to that line. I, too find happiness in Sunday Night Football. To me it symbolizes the end of the weekend. I think something that will enhance your writing is digging deeper into your description and add more adjectives to your nouns. For example, add describing words to the line about what clothes you wear. I think that will really help your writing.

    Max B.

  2. Derek,

    I loved you bio-poem, especially the part about fearing Mondays, school and death. I can really connect with that because they are some of my fears too. I think that you can improve upon one line, seeing the inside of an air plane that i think you could add more description and it would bring your writing to a new level.


    p.s, I don’t know about the Bears

  3. Hey Derek I really enjoyed your post my favorite line was Who finds happiness in orange juice, watching Sunday night football, and summer because it shows that you give humor and a lover of sports something that i think you could add onto your writing is a little bit more description of some of the words such as adjectives but other than Great piece

    Andrew L

  4. Dear Derek

    i like how you described how you find happiness in football and the love you have for sports, dogs and food,


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