Bio-Poem: Ethan. H


Caring, Out-going, smart, fun

Son of Peter and Genevieve, brother of Selena

Lover of traveling, nature, and exploring new places

Who feels thankful when waking up early while feeling happy, getting good

Grades, and spending time with the family

Who finds happiness in spending time with friends, taking a nice jog up the street,

and playing the piano.

Who needs some form of caffeine to stay awake in the morning, a little bit of excitement in each day, and has to try something new every day.

Who gives his trust, love and time to the people that need it.

Who fears death, drowning, and being taken from his home and family.

Who would like to see less pollution, education for kids that need it, and some life on mars.

Who enjoys acting, playing instruments, and exploring new things

Who likes to wear sweatpants, fuzzy socks in the winter, and sweatshirts that are way too big

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Resident of Easton


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2 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Ethan. H

  1. Ethan,
    I very much enjoyed reading your poem. I liked how you included to see life on mars, it defiantly can describe you as a person. Something that you could have included is why you are so interested in mars and why you would want to see life there. Overall, I liked reading your piece.

  2. I really enjoyed how you stated how you liked to play the piano because I was able to relate to that because I like to play the piano as well although I was never really ever good at it. I also appreciated the part when you explained how you would like to see life on mars. This stood out to me because I would like to see life on Mars as well. Thank you for sharing your piece!

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