Bio-Poem: Olivia P.

Kind, honest, silly, trustworthy
Daughter of Irene and Don
Lover of family, skiing and dance
Who feels thankful for life, family and friends
Who finds happiness with friends, watching Harry Potter on the couch and going to New Hampshire with my mom and dad
Who needs cotton candy ice cream, vanilla cake, and Robeks
Who gives 100% every day, loves caring for my cat, and gives time and attention to others
Who fears bugs but not ladybugs, butterflies and caterpillars, the dark and roller coasters
Who would like to see Emma Watson, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande
Who enjoys swimming in the pool, saying hi to old people and sleepovers
Who likes to wear fashionable clothes from Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie, fuzzy pajamas on Sundays and DSW shoes all week
Born in Manhattan, resident of Easton

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6 thoughts on “Bio-Poem: Olivia P.

  1. Olivia,

    I really loved your piece! I really like the line about how you like to say “hi to old people”. It was a really great line because it told me a lot about how kind and outgoing you are. I also like the line about how you are afraid of bugs, with the exception of ladybugs. I liked that line because, even though it was a small detail, it gave us more information about you. In the future, I would suggest that you make sure that each verb following each comma still makes sense with the beginning of the sentence. Thank you for sharing your piece!

  2. Olivia,

    I loved you piece. The line I really liked was the one were you talked about what stores you like to go to. I thought it was cool that you added a link to that line! The only thing that i would change would to say what your cats name is. Another line I really liked was the one where you explained that you love going swimming, saying hi to old people, and sleepovers. I can relate to saying hi to old people because I’ve noticed that you do that where every you go. Thank you for sharing it Olivia!


  3. Olivia,

    Your bio-poem is really long. I liked the part that you feel thankful for life. I did the same thing in mine.

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  4. Olivia,

    I really liked your Bio Poem. It told a lot about yourself and it also was funny. My favorite part was when you said that you liked “saying hi to old people.” I thought this was funny and interesting because I have been with you before when you have done this and it really shows your personality and how kind you are. Another part I liked was when you included specific stores that you liked to go to and you added a link too. One small thing that I would change would be to include your pets name. Thank you for sharing it!


  5. Olivia,
    I really enjoyed reading your poem! I like how you were very descriptive and how it was very well thought out. One of my favorite lines was “Who needs cotton candy ice cream, vanilla cake, and Robeks”. You told us a certain flavor of cake and icecream and it made your writing a lot better then just saying that you like cake and icecream. I also liked how instead of saying you like wearing fashionable clothes you listed a specific store, Urban Outfitters. One thing to make your poem even better than it is, is to write the name of your cat! Thanks for sharing your poem!

  6. Olivia,
    I enjoyed reading your bio-poem!! I really enjoyed how when you were talking about clothes you listed certain stores like Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie rather than just saying I like to wear fashionable clothes. I learned a lot about you that I never knew before such as you were born in Manhattan. One thing you can do next time is say your cat’s name. Thanks for sharing it!


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