Bio-Poem: Mrs. Donegan


Calm, quiet, observant, thoughtful

Daughter of Charlie and Rita, sister of Kim and Colleen

Lover of family, life, and walks on the beach in the fall

Who feels thankful for a healthy family, to hear my dad’s voice when I call him to say good night, and to still have a home on the beach after two hurricanes.

 Who finds happiness in spending time with family, watching my daughters play basketball, and seeing them excited about school

Who needs pasta at least once a week, exercise to feel good, and a cup of coffee before 7am.

Who gives love to my family, help when it’s needed, and a nice belly rub to my dog Moose.

Who fears a rabid animal on a 5am run, being in the sun without sunscreen, and tics.

Who would like to see my children happy, San Francisco, and less people use my driveway as a turn around

Who enjoys reading with my kids, holidays with family, the feeling after a 5 mile run.

Who likes the comfort in wearing flip flops, sweat pants, and an XL t-shirt

Born in Bridgeport, resident of Milford


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