Bio Poem Tommy D

Name: Tommy Di Scipio

Teacher: Mr. Jockers


Date: 9/6/16


Bio Poem: Tommy Di Scipio



Funny, athletic, social, kind

Son of Sue and Tim Di Scipio, brother of Brynn and Mia

Lover of baseball, soccer, and basketball

Who feels thankful for all the friends and family I have, my academic and sport abilities

Who finds happiness on a baseball diamond, being with friends, and being with family

Who needs to know how to do math, a summer without humidity, and an interest in reading

Who gives help to others who need  it, people advice, love to my two cats

Who fears spiders, sharks, and heights

Who would like to see the Mets win the world series, homework become illegal and summer vacation become longer

Who enjoys being outside, playing baseball, and basketball

Who likes to wear Nike shoes, Nike shorts, and a white shirt

Born in New Haven, CT, resident of Easton

Di Scipio


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3 thoughts on “Bio Poem Tommy D

  1. I really like your piece, I like the line about how you find happiness in your friends, being on a baseball diamond, and being with family. Its a great line because it is one that you can look back on and remember what brings you happiness. Sometime you should think, “What other information can i add to picture why you like being with your friends, being with family, and being on the baseball diamond. For example, what do you do when you hang out with your friends. Do you hangout a lot? I think if you add that little extra in your writing, you will see your writing begin to get better.


  2. Tommy,

    I loved your piece. It was great how you talked about when you find happiness, spending time with friends and family, and sports like baseball, basketball, and soccer. But you could stand to work a little more on using flashy words and being more descriptive. For example, what do you like about baseball? What do you do with friends and family? Once you add those little things, your piece will be perfect.


  3. Tommy,

    I really liked your piece! Thank you for sharing it with me. I liked the line when you mentioned how much you love your 2 cats. What are your cats names? I could tell how much effort you put into this piece. When writing think about the details. I really enjoyed reading it.


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