Fundamental Friday Free write #5: Lucy

Westport is probably my favorite place to shop. I like Westport because they have all of my favorite stores such as, Brandy Melville, Vineyard Vines, Lulu Lemon, Sunglass Hut, Jcrew, Sperry, Urban Outfitters, Patagonia, The Cake box, Oddz and many more fun stores to shop at. The main stores I shop at are, Brandy Melville, Patagonia, Lulu Lemon and Vineyard Vines. Most of my clothes are from Brandy Melville! Even though one shirt or sweater is about $20, it’s still really worth it! I would also love to be a Brandy model. The main things I get at brandy are sweaters and really comfy sweatpants in the winter, and in summer I get cute t shirts and super cute shorts. I know two people that work at a very nice store, Vineyard Vines! I know one person from my country club and the other is one of my mom’s friend. Sometimes I get a discount off, but usually not, unless I have a gift card! I like lulu lemon because it’s an athletic store, so they have really good clothes for tennis, paddle and other activities. They also have very cute headbands there, that I love wearing. One day over the summer I was at the sunglass hut with my mom and sister and just for fun we all wanted just to go look briefly! I tried on many different types of sunglasses that I liked and I fell in love with this one pair! The pair I liked are called, Aviator, light blue gradient. I really needed a pair of sunglasses because I was about to go down to Cayman Islands and Fishers Island. I told my mom that I liked these the best and she said she’ll think about it! I was going to Fishers Island, before Cayman Islands, so the whole car ride to the ferry for Fishers Island, I was bugging my mom with the sunglasses! When I finally got on the ferry she told me if I could look into her purse to get her sunglasses out, but I was confused because she already had sunglasses on. So I looked in her purse and found a black Ray Ban Case and I got really excited. My heart was racing! I open up the case, and there were the sunglasses I was dying for!! I was so surprised and very happy!
At the store Patagonia, I love all their coats, vests and fleeces! I have a vest and a fuzz fleece that I love! For Christmas this year I am asking for a White Coat and another purple and pink cute fleece, but it’s not a soft, but still comfortable. Whenever I go into the store, I always see someone I know and there are always new things! I’m always amazed.
One day, my friends Annabelle,Riley, Riley’s sister and I were shopping in Westport and we saw this store called the cake box! So I said, “Guys can we go look in that store, and see what it’s like?” They all said sure! I walk in and it smell like amazing cakes and cupcakes. I am just amazed about how good all the cupcakes there and how many different flavors there are! I said to myself, “I have to try a cupcake!” So I buy a red velvet cupcake with extremely good frosting. I was so obsessed with the frosting and same with everyone else, they all make me ask what kind of frosting it was, because it wasn’t just regular plain vanilla frosting, it was amazing cream cheese frosting. I was so obsessed with it. So overall, that place is very good! I usually go to Westport a lot, and what’s very surprising is that I haven’t been to that store since!
Another good food store that I go to too many times is, Bartaco. It’s so good!!!! I always get the same order every single time I go their. What I like doing a lot is, going to have delicious lunch with all of my friends and then after that we walk across this small bridge to get over to the clothe shops. Even though the food is really expensive and usually the restaurant is very crowded, it’s worth it to wait in a long line and it’s so worth it for the good food. Another very funny thing that happens to me in Westport, is that I always see people I know at Bartaco too!
Overall, as you can tell I really love Westport!

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