FFFW#5: Tom G.

It was a saturday night in Easton, CT, when me and my friend Matt Johnston decided to camp out. My grandparents next door to me have about 10 acres of land, and we decided to camp in the field. It was just before it was getting dark outside and we set up camp and lit a nice big fire. I had brought some popcorn to make us because Matt likes when i make my homemade kettle corn when he comes over. We quickly realized we wouldn’t be having any due to the fact that the sugar kept caramelizing and it came out bad. I then decided to make regular popcorn and left it on the fire for a long time by accident, and when i tried to take the saucepan off the fire so we could eat it, it was very hot and i took it and chucked it across the yard because it was so hot. All the popcorn spilled out and we were hungry and not pleased. Matt always reminds me of when i chucked the pan across the yard so that’s why i decided to write about it. Also on that trip i decided to burn all my 7th grade work because i hated 7th grade and didn’t want those papers taking up space in my room. He reminds me of that as well. All in all it was a fun trip to enjoy before we would start having colder weather and can’t do it.

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