bio poem andrew



Son of john and ronda brother of emily

Lover of family, friends, and well cooked meals

Who feels thankful for being brought up into such a great family, having such nice friends, and for what I have.

Who needs attention, everything to be perfect, and time to work

Who gives what he can to the unfourchanant, time into his work, and who gives his dedication to his family and friends

Who fears cancer, war, and death

Who would like to see the world a better place to live in, to see himself on the moon, and would like to see himself traveling on a plane

Who enjoys playing the violin, games, and snorkeling in beautiful watters.

Who likes to wear his new cotton shirts, blue jeans (but at home worn shorts), and his new leather shoes to school

Born in Norwalk Connecticut, resident of Easton


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1 thought on “bio poem andrew

  1. I really like your bio-poem, it explains a lot about yourself that I did not know before. I find it interesting how you explained a little bit more about yourself towards the end of you bio-poem.

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