Bio-Poem Weston


Innovative, self-motivated, humorous, intelligent

Son of Robert and Michele, brother of Sydney

Lover of his wonderful family, sports, and the atmosphere of Fall in Easton

Who feels thankful for his beautiful town, his gift of life, and being able to sleep under a roof every night

Who finds happiness in 80’s music, relaxing on the amazing Cape May beach in the summer, and having fun with his best buddy and sister, Sydney

Who needs hugs from his dad, at least eight hours of sleep, and the delectable food his mom cooks every night

Who gives 100% effort no matter what, love to his family, and reliable support to his friends

Who fears the bite of a shark, sensing a presence of someone unknown in the dark, and getting stuck in an underground tunnel alone

Who would like to see Ireland, himself live a good life in the future, and his family always love each other

Who likes to wear comfy sweatshirts, high socks, and his purple/orange Air Jordan XXXI’s

Who enjoys spending time with his loved cousins, his dad outside, and his mom on the basketball court

Born in North Caldwell, NJ, resident of Easton


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