Bio-Poem Brennan


Playful, Athletic, Responsible, Protective

Son of Tom and Joan, Brother of Carsen Morgan and Tony.

Lover of football, gaming and his 8 week old kitten Skyler.

Who feels thankful for his 8 pets, family, and of course his Xbox.

Who finds happiness in the bark of his dog Lilly, the adrenaline he gets when practicing martial arts, and the thuds of hitting someone in football games.

Who gives kindness to all his animals and family, and all his attention to all the after school things that he does.

Who fears spiders, losing friends, and being stuck in a closed room by himself.

Who would like to see him and his friends succeed when they grow up, enjoy life more, and finally learn how to tre flip that skateboard.

Who enjoys playing every sport there is, socializing with friends, and going out at night to skateboard around town and record his best moments.

Who likes to wear Nike brands everywhere he goes, his 14 different Just Do It shirts, and his expensive all weather proof black and white skateboarding Vans.


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