Bio-Poem: Katherine


Persevering, Responsible, Passionate, Overachieving

Daughter of Daniel and Kelly, sister of Erin, Ali, and Danny

Lover of cooking, her flea bitten grey horse ,Chance, and snuggling into a blanket in the cold dead of winter

Who feels thankful for her ability to have a worry-free life, her Equestrian Team, and the morning and night of each and every day

Who finds happiness in everything life throws at her, her family, and her accomplishes

Who needs support from her friends, a place to call home, and to be free

Who gives love and happiness, a shoulder to cry on, and laughter to her friends

Who fears Heights, spiders, her biggest fear is failure

Who would like to see the Olympic Eventing shows, the Northern Lights, and Paris at night

Who enjoys long hard dressage schooling and staying at the Barn for late nights working,  a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day, and hanging out with friends

Who likes to wear oversized sweaters, jeans, and leggings

Born in Easton Connecticut, resident of Easton


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