Bio-Poem: Madeline


Affectionate, humorous, hardworking

Daughter of Ray and Lori, sister of Hannah

Lover of animals, her friends, and family

Who feels thankful to have a loving family, dependable friends, and her loyal dog Hayley

(a black and white pointer mix)

Who finds happiness in the cold crisp Autumn air, the sound of screaming and laughing children at the carnival, and spending time with her family and friends at their rented beach house in Orleans, Ma

Who needs a purpose, a filling breakfast to start off the day, spending time with friends and making unforgettable memories, watching her favorite television show on  Netflix “Riverdale”, when finished with school work

Who gives love and guidance to her younger sister (Hannah, who is 9), while enjoying time with her dog Hayley, who also loves to spend time with the family

Who fears heights, spiders, and losing loved ones

Who would like to see a real life giraffe, the Eiffel Tower, in Paris, France, and happiness around the world

Who enjoys playing the clarinet, shopping at the mall with her friends, and drawing animals

Who likes to wear comfy ripped jeans, Converse or Adidas shoes, and graphic tee shirts at home

Born in Stratford Ct,  resident of Easton



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