Bio-Poem: Milo


Friendly, Outgoing, Humorous, Affectionate

Son of Gretchen and Lee, Brother of hayden

Lover of dogs, being in the woods, and the office

Who feels thankful for his family, clean water to drink, and the internet

Who finds happiness in figuring out difficult problems, being around friends, and sleeping in his blue and black striped bed

Who needs pizza at least two times a month, his fourteen-year-old, tri-colored dog jake to greet him whenever he walks into his house, and communicate with friends

Who gives his best effort in school, lots of attention to his family, and time to things he is committed to

Who fears any type of bee (honeybee, wasp, hornet, etc.), big spiders, and non-existence

Who would like to see the world someday, a broadway show, and world peace throughout Earth

Who enjoys playing his bass, playing in the snow, and taking pictures of his dog to post on social media

Who likes to wear baggy, grey, coffee-company-themed sweatshirts, mesh shorts, and t-shirts with cool or funny messages written on them

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Resident of Easton


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