BioPoem: Jake


Excitable, Curious, Odd, And Occasionally Annoying

Son Of Rich And Carrie, Brother Of Zachary, Caitlin, And Gabrielle

Lover Of Dogs, Magic, And The Joy Of Others

Who Feels Thankful For The Chance To Help, Family, And A Home To Go Home To

Who Finds Happiness Where Someone Else Is Happy, The Bright Sun, And Family Dinners

Who Needs Something To Do, Someone To Do It With, And Someone To Show It To

Who Gives Support To Friends, Too Many Treats To His Three Year Old Black Lab, Teddy, And Advice (Whether It Be Good Or Bad)

Who Fears Bearded Dragons (Long Story), The Unstoppable Entity Of Time, And The Big Red Button.

Who Would Like To See A Day Without Violence, Alaska, And Our World From A Bird’s Eye View

Who Enjoys Collecting, Giving His Dog Tummy Rubs And Watching Movies With His Family

Who Likes To Wear Distressed Comic Book Shirts, Sweatpants And An Old Baseball Hat

Born In Stamford, Connecticut, Resident Of Easton


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9 thoughts on “BioPoem: Jake

  1. I like how you mentioned that you feel thankful for your family, and being able to help others. You are very selfless and giving, so I think this poem is very true to that. Although i do wonder, what is the Big Red Button?

  2. Dear, Jake

    I liked how you are very selfless in your bio-poem and how you would like to see world peace one day. I hope you will see Alaska some day and I am also curious what the big red button is.

  3. Dear Jake,
    Let me first just say that the big red button is one of my biggest fears too, and I am very glad someone finally agrees with me ;). I really liked the line “I am thankful for a home to go home to.” Your poem is extremely well written, but if I would do anything I would probably switch around what you would like to see, because when you said “A day without violence, Alaska …” I thought you meant you wanted to see a day without Alaska. Over all great job with everything.


    P.S. I like the fourth thing you used to describe yourself.

  4. I really liked your piece. I think the best line is where you say that you are scared of bearded dragons, and I found that very intriguing. If I were to change one thing I have you lowercase some words. Overall, it was very good.

  5. Dear Jake,

    This is such a great poem, I was glad to be able to read it! I love how you included a lot of helping others, and spending time with your family, as well as show much respect for them. What a great piece with much description and great vocabulary!



  6. Dear Jake,

    I very much enjoyed your poem especially when you talk about your fear of bearded dragons and I would love to hear the story behind that. The poem was written with so much passion like you really put your heart and soul into your writing.



  7. Dear Jake,
    I really enjoyed your piece. I really liked how your poem was serious, but still at the same time comedic. I liked the line, like many others, about how you fear the big red button. I would like to hear what that was about. It’s a great line that adds a little funny touch to your poem. I could tell that you put a lot of effort into this poem. I don’t think there is any constructive criticism I could give you. Great job!

    Jason (V)

  8. Dear Jake,

    Your poem was wonderful because it shows your true self and it fearlessly expresses who you are in descriptive words and your feelings. Also, it made me laugh when you said that you feared Big Red Buttons it’s funny, but I know how you feel.

    Victoria G

  9. Dear Jake

    I really enjoyed your piece because it really shows your true self and I would love to hear the story behind you being afraid of bearded dragons.

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