Bio Poem: Poppy


Calm, funny, kind, creative.

Daughter of Laureen and John, sister of Luke and Milo

Lover of guinea pigs and performing on the stage

Who feels joyful when I’m around my pets Willa, Oscar, JC, Rufus and Oreo.

Who finds happiness in listening to music and writing

Who gives laughter and joy to my friends and family

Who fears being alone forever

Who would like to see her animals live a long, happy life.

Who enjoys binging Netflix, reading books and enjoying life to its fullest.

Who likes to wear crop tops and sweatpants.


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2 thoughts on “Bio Poem: Poppy

  1. Hi Poppy,
    I liked your Bio-Poem. One of my favorite lines in your poem that you wrote was that you “feel joyful around all of your pets.” That line made me think that everyone should have some one that they feel joyful around, whether it is a pet, or a family member, or a friend. Especially since we are in the middle of a pandemic right now. One place where I think you could have applied better writing is where you mentioned that you enjoy reading books. As a interested reader, I would like to know what genres of books you enjoy reading. I think that if you included what genres you like, some people would be able to relate to you.
    Isabella P.

  2. your pets love you very much and will definitely live a long and happy life with the care you give them. I feel the same way with lots of what you wrote. Like loving your pets and enjoying netflix and books. I still haven’t met Oreo, though.

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