Bio-Poem Addison


Funny, 5’8”, athletic while playing soccer or any sport, dirty blonde

Lover of my blonde, chubby dog, my skinny, white and spotted black cat, and any honda dirtbike 125cc

Who feels happy when I get to go on my dirtbike, annoyed when I can’t get my wheelies down on my bike, and mad when I do something wrong

Who would like to see the bermuda triangle, me grow as a amazing reader, and to grow as a writer

Who enjoys hanging out with my friends on saturdays, dirt biking on my red cr 80 dirtbike in my backyard on rainy days when the ground is very slippery, and enjoys going to rideouts on my bike in fairfield ct

Who likes to wear shorts, soft t-shirts, and normal clothing on school days

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1 thought on “Bio-Poem Addison

  1. HI Addison,

    I like your Bio Poem alot. One thing that realy stood out to me that you said was that you “Who feels happy when I get to go on my dirtbike” This stood out to me because I have a dirtbike that I also feel Happy when I go on it. Overall I realy liked your Bio Poem.



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