Bio-Poem: Helena Z.


Kind, Curious, Loving, Caring

Daughter of Amy and Bill, Sister of Lucy and Willem

Lover of family, being outside, and good food

Who feels thankful for Autumn, unsure what the future holds, and nervous and excited for a new school year

Who finds happiness in spending time with family, as well as friends, questions about the world when she observes.

Who needs a sense of accomplishment and a goal, a reminder to clear her head, and positivity

Who gives laughter, smiles, help to anyone where I can

Who fears leeches, even though she knows they are harmless, getting Fs, and family tragedies

Who would like to see people love each other instead of hate, an end to this pandemic, and a ski season with lots of snow

Who enjoys playing sports (lacrosse, field hockey, tennis, and skiing), music (playing her instruments and listening to music), and trying new foods

Who likes to wear clothes that make her feel confident, ponytails and braids in her hair, and leggings.

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1 thought on “Bio-Poem: Helena Z.

  1. Hi Lena,
    I really liked everything about your bio poem. Especially the part about how you wanted an end to the pandemic. I wrote that same thing in mine. I also think you did a good job anticipating what the reader would say/ask. You specifically put more detail into what sports you play and what type of music you listen to. Nice work!

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